Young jazz.

Young jazz.

13/12/20 - week 7

🎧 Tune

Steve Swallow's compositions are fascinating. The cyclic nature of his harmonic progressions are liberating for an improviser. A traditional turnaround at the bottom of each chorus when blowing on Great American Songbook repertoire can often feel predictable and contrived - Swallow's compositions avoid this. In fact, it's sometimes hard to detect where his forms start and end.

Seldom use of conventional movements at strong points in the sequence gives the improviser less harmonic grounding and more melodic freedom. I've been listening to Chick Corea and Gary Burton play Steve's tune: Falling Grace.

🪕 Twang

Last month I was incredibly fortunate to have a real-life gig! My 15-minute performance with Nikki Yeoh, Mark and Mike Mondesir was ridiculously fun.

The set:

  1. Billy Strayhorn arr. Ralph Porrett - Lotus Blossom
  2. John Coltrane arr. Ralph Porrett - Giant Steps
  3. John Parricelli - Scrim
  4. Boudleaux Bryant - Love Hurts

🌞 Thought

Tracey Emin's relationship with her work is incredibly inspiring. Her memoir Strangeland captures the drive she has to create - regardless of her situation. Staying open to art forms outside of our own is incredibly valuable.

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